Project Vision Statement

  1. It describes the business need that the project is going to meet.
  2. It does not describe how the project will meet those needs.
  3. It should not be too specific and should have room for flexibility

While writing your Project Vision Statement remember

Focus on the Problem and Not on the Solution


When is it created in Scrum ?


A Project Vision Statement is created during the Initiate Phase of Scrum.

Initiate Phase

1.Create Project Vision

In this process, the Project Business Case is reviewed to create a Project Vision Statement that will serve as the inspiration and provide focus for the entire project. The

Product Owner is identified in this process.

2.Identify Scrum Master and Stakeholder(s)

In this process the Scrum Master and Stakeholders are identified using specific Selection Criteria.

3.Form Scrum Team

In this process, Scrum Team members are identified. Normally the Product Owner has the primary responsibility of selecting team members, but often does so in collaboration

with the Scrum Master.

  1. Develop Epic(s)

In this process, the Project Vision Statement serves as the basis for developing Epics. User Group Meetings may be held to discuss appropriate Epics.

5.Create Prioritized Product Backlog

In this process, Epic(s) are refined, elaborated, and then prioritized to create a Prioritized Product Backlog for the project. The Done Criteria is also established at this point.

  1. Conduct Release Planning

In this process, the Scrum Core Team reviews the User Stories in the Prioritized Product Backlog to develop a Release Planning Schedule, which is essentially a phased

deployment schedule that can be shared with the project stakeholders. Length of Sprint is also determined in this process.