Marketing Strategy Specialist Certification – Online Course and Exam bundle


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Product Description

Process Oriented Approach

The SMstudy® Guide defines Sales and Marketing in terms of processes that comprise a series of actions that leads to a particular result. Each process requires specific inputs and then uses tools to create specific outputs.

Based on SMstudy® guide

All SMstudy certifications and courses are based on SMstudy® Guide developed by VMEdu. The SMstudy® Guide is organized into six Sales and Marketing Aspects: Marketing Strategy (MS), Marketing Research (MR), Digital Marketing (DM), Corporate Sales (CS), Branding and Advertising (BA), and Retail Marketing (RM).

Industry-wide Acceptance

The many authors, advisers, and reviewers of the SMstudy® Guide have worked in numerous Sales and Marketing areas and geographic regions across a variety of industries. Thus, insights provided by them make this body of knowledge industry independent.

Established name in Sales & Marketing certifications

SMstudy has been developed by VMEdu, Inc., a global certification course provider that has educated over 400,000 students world-wide in more than 3,500 companies.

Hierarchy of Courses in Sales & Marketing certifications

SMstudy certified professionals help organizations with improved level of Sales and Marketing that leads to increased ROI. They have knowledge pertaining to and can anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of Sales and Marketing concepts.

Though there is no mandatory prerequisite for most of the SMstudy certifications, it is always better to understand the hierarchy structure.


Overview – Marketing Strategy Specialist Certification

SMstudy Certified Marketing Strategy Specialists are facilitators who ensure that well-planned marketing strategies are in place to satisfy the goals set by the Corporate Marketing Strategy or Business Unit/Geographic Strategies. Marketing Strategy is one of the most crucial Aspects of Sales and Marketing. SMstudy Certified Marketing Strategy Specialists will be able to define a product or brand’s unique value proposition, target markets, and strategies to connect with defined audiences. SMstudy Certified Marketing Strategy Specialists will also be able to specify the overall pricing and distribution strategies of the product or brand, and outline the objectives, metrics, and budgets for all marketing activities.

Successful candidates will be awarded the SMstudy Certified Marketing Strategy Specialist certification by SMstudy after passing the certification exam.

Prerequisite Experience Prerequisite Education Target Audience
3 years of work experience Study of all processes from SMstudy Guide – Marketing Strategy book and 20 mandatory educational hours. Sales and Marketing Professionals

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice
  • 140 questions per exam
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 180 minutes duration
  • Proctored online exam

Audience Profile

This certification is appropriate for Sales and Marketing Professionals who are interested in becoming a Marketing Strategy Specialists.


The candidate should have minimum of 3 years work experience. It is preferable to complete the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Strategy Professional and study all processes from the SMstudy Guide — Introduction and Marketing Strategy book before applying for the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Strategy Specialists. It is also mandatory to gain 20 mandatory educational hours by attending Marketing Strategy Specialist classroom training provided by a SMstudy approved Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.). we are an ATP of SMStudy.